Monday, 10 November 2014

"The Birchs"

Growing up in Collingwood, I was so fortunate to surrounded by a town steeped in tradition, history and blessed with a wealth of beautiful historic homes.  The home pictured above has always been one of my particular favourites.  "The Birchs" as it was affectionately named was designed by English civil engineer Richard Palin and constructed in 1861.  It is somewhat of an architectural curiosity as it is built in the unusual "sawmill plank" method of construction, that being that the individual planks are laid on top of each other, plank on plank.  This beautiful home has always reminded me of an English farmhouse, and even though it once sat on a rather generous 2 acre lot - I have always pictured it in a country setting.

Several well known Collingwood families have called this gem their home, but during my youth I always referred to it as the "Harvie Home" as it was now occupied by Dr. Douglas Harvie and his wife Madeline. If your ever fortunate enough to be in Collingwood, the home sits at 227 Minnesota Street and is definitely worth a drive by as the entire street is blessed with a wealth of great architectural gems.

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