Thursday, 6 November 2014

Buckingham Farm

For many years the Buckingham Farm occupied the tract of land on the north side of Osler Bluff Road. The Buckingham's had a long history in the county. It is recorded that their ancestors had settled into the area as early as the 1850's, and if you ever get chance to pay a visit to the pioneer church not far from Rob Roy, the cemetery is dotted with stones bearing the names of their kin.

I was fortunate enough to grow up across from this beautiful farm which was now in the hands of John Buckingham and his family. I spent many hours assisting these folks in cutting and baling hay, milking - yes, milking cows, and even churning butter. As the elder Buckingham's passed on, the farm was eventually sold and sat vacant for a number of years. The beautiful farm home was eventually torn down in the early 1990's.

I did this pen & ink with watercolour study to capture and immortalize it and their memory. The home itself was the classic "Old Ontario" farmhouse based on the centre hall floor plan and back kitchen. Except for the scattering of lilac bushes that graced the rise from which the house once stood, the farm property itself has now been taken over by the luxury homes of the Windrose Valley Development.

The image is 9"x12" on 100% rag watercolour paper, acid free and is available to purchase. Please contact me for details at  or at 416.827.5324 if you are interested.

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