Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Indian Hill Farm

Indian Hill Farm

Indian Hill Farm is located on Osler Bluff southwest of Collingwood and was the weekend retreat of our wonderful neighbours, John & Carol Rykert and their children. This beautiful farm style home is comprised of three floors, the first and second constructed of beautiful rusticated brick built into the side of a natural hill, and the third level and garage of traditional board & batten. A wonderful trellis style porch completes the package and gives the home a marvellous finishing touch.  

Indian Hill Farm is so named as a result of an ancient Indian burial ground that was discovered many years ago when construction work was being done on Osler Bluff Road. When we moved there in 1970, the road was still very much a country gravel road.  It is rumoured that the reason why the hill leading to Osler Bluff was never levelled out was due to the fact that a portion of the burial ground lay beneath it.   This area was once home to the Huron and Petun Indians, and if you ever have the chance to visit Scenic Caves you can learn more about these tribes.   What I can tell you is that I vividly recall the Rykert children showing me a basket full of arrowheads and other stone artifacts they had found on their property, mostly in the field surrounding their home.  As Silver Creek bisects this area and runs though my folks property down the road, I have found many small bones and fragments while playing in the river over the years.  One of my more "interesting" discoveries is what I believe to be a tooth that I found while playing in the river with my ducks a long time ago.  

The drawing above was done by  a 16 year old me on July 13th, 1981 as I sat on a rise across the river from the house.  I remember that summer well, for two weeks later I would be watching a very young Lady Diana Spencer marry her future "prince." There's more to my Diana reference, and I will definitely share that in a future post. 

 I hope you enjoyed this little story, and as always - thank you for reading! 

Indian Tooth?

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