Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"Casper's House"

This beautiful abandoned farm home sits at the corner of County Road #31 in Grey Highlands - just before you turn to head towards Singhampton. We drive by it every time we come back home to Milton, and I have always been enamoured with it.  It is quite typical of the farm homes of it's era, most likely constructed during the latter half of the 19th century in both board & batten with cedar shakes over timber construction. Quite a few folks have told me that this home was actually occupied back in the 1980's, but today the house is open to the elements and usually surrounded by cattle and horses as we pass it by. I have always referred to it as "Casper's House" after one of my favourite cartoon characters - "Casper the Friendly Ghost." It most certainly looks as though Casper could live here, and I was inspired to illustrate him doing just that.

The first image here is a pen & ink sketch I did of the home while out for a ride on my mountain bike.  The second is how I would imagine Casper sleeping, um floating peacefully by a wood stove in the back corner room of the old home. 

The bottom image is a panoramic shot I took one evening while driving home. This beautiful shot captures not only the mystery of the home, but the stunning sunset as well.  I certainly hope you enjoy this post, and thank you so much for looking!

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