Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Osler Castle, a poem of dreams lost

A front and western side view in winter, 1917

On this spot stood
A castle great
Of stone and wood
Brick and slate
A great man built 
For a beloved mate
On a majestic rise
Overlooking the lake
But fate intervened
And a life was lost
Broken dreams, a broken heart
This monument to love
Served no purpose more
And soon sat empty
It's story, folklore
Devoid of life and love
It suffered great
The hands of time
Had sealed it's fate
Now all that remains
Are stone and brick
A legacy lost
As time's clock ticked
The wind now whistles
Through it's crumbling towers
A ghostly voice
Of forgotten hours
Forget me not
It seems to say
As my memory fades
With each passing day

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