Monday, 8 June 2015

McKenzie's Snack Bar, Nottawa Ontario

Many of the older folks in my audience will no doubt recognize this scene.  It is undoubtedly one of my favourite works by local Collingwood artist, Robert G. Kemp, and the subject matter of the piece was one that was also close to my heart and an integral part of my childhood.

Harry and Mary McKenzie were two unique and caring individuals who were a wonderful part of the local tapestry of our area.  Not only was their restaurant on Nottawa's "main drag" an institution for many years, they were close family friends of my grandparents, Neil and Reba.  On many a Sunday after church, my grandparents would forego our traditional breakfast at home and we would go to "Uncle Harry and Aunt Mary's" place instead where I would regularly have a grilled cheese and chocolate milkshake.

Robert Kemp did this marvellous pencil study in 1980, and this was in fact Harry and Mary's Christmas card to us.  The arrangement is wonderful in that it features several of our area's recognizable local citizens.  I was a great admirer of Mr. Kemp's work, and addition to finding him an inspiration in my own artwork, I am fortunate to have several of his pieces in my own collection.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful piece of work and my post!

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