Friday, 14 August 2015

Rejoicing at Rock Union Church!

I have always had an affinity for country churches, and our area is blessed with several excellent examples.  One of the most quaint ones has to be the stately but simple stone structure known as the "Rock Union Church" sitting quietly on the corner of Lot 12, Concession 7 in the former Collingwood Township.  

In the mid 19th century, there was originally a small church constructed of logs on the property.  On January 7th, 1898, the Methodist trustees sold the one quarter acre of land and the log church to the trustees of the new union church.  The recipients of this deed were Jesse James, Thomas McKinley and William Henry Johnson, all local residents of the area.  Interestingly enough, some 80 years later, the trustees of the church were still in the names of of James, McKinley and Johnson, descendants of the original trio.  Discussions were held on the construction of a new church, and in mid 1898 the building was completed using stone quarried from Malcolm McArthur's nearby farm.  Credit for the name was given to Mrs. Walter Buchanan who was a well known local poet.

As befitting it's name, it was known to be a "union church" of all denominations.  From the date of it's construction in 1898 until 1962, regular church services were held here.  Once a year an annual service is held to bring together the old families of the area for one day of worship and fellowship, and occasionally a wedding or two as well.  The church is still immaculately maintained, and is a wonderful place to stop and pause for a moment or two of quiet reflection.  It is also blessed with amazing acoustics, something that always gives me ample cause to sing a song.  I know summer typically isn't the time of year one usually sings a Christmas song, but somehow I thought an impromptu singing of "Oh Holy Night", one of my most favourites was wholly appropriate for this very special place.  Please check out my website at

I hope you enjoy this post, and hopefully my song as well!

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