Sunday, 8 March 2015

The General Store

Duntroon General Store

A long time ago, before the era of shopping malls and big box stores, the humble General Store was the mainstay of many a small community.  Stores such as these usually carried a broad selection of merchandise such as edibles, clothing, and a host of other household necessities.  Folks would travel both near and far to stock up for the week or longer depending on the distance, and anything not usually carried could be ordered for them from a large centre for pickup at a later date.  Not only was the general store a source of merchandise, but before the age of social media it was also a hub of social activity where folks could catch up and usually mail or collect their post items too.

The General Store in my sketch is from 22 years ago,in the hamlet of Duntroon,  and although the building is still there - sadly, the store is no more.  The thing I liked about it is how the owners still chose to display some of their wares outside along the storefront as was the custom in days long past. My second sketch is of a store still open for business which is also located in a small hamlet named Badgeros.  It's comforting to know that even though many of these wonderful small town treasures have disappeared, there are still those who appreciate them enough to keep their retail fire burning.

Badjeros General Store

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